Branan Mercer

Birmingham, AL

Branan began working with clay while studying fine art at Auburn University. In 2008 he completed his degree and graduated with a BFA in Ceramics.  After college, he traveled to St. Petersburg, FL to work as a resident at The Craftsman House Gallery.  Branan worked as the studio manager at The Kiln Studio and Gallery where he taught and produced his own work. He currently lives in Birmingham with his family and works out of his home studio.

"I continually revisit this form because I find it a worthwhile challenge to define a vessel that has been expressed in countless ways throughout the ages. My version of the cup is one that defines beauty while at rest and while in use. It is a form that stands proud, exhibiting lift from the surface while enticing the viewer to engage. Upon interaction, through scale and design, it instills confidence in the users grasp and provides for a moment of reflection with a favorite beverage."