Chuck Solberg small.jpg

Chuck Solberg

Minneapolis, Minnesota 

I am an artist working in stoneware and porcelain. I work on the potter's wheel throwing large sculptural vessels. These large pieces are constructed from separately thrown clay sections, which are joined together and then distorted by paddling. The seams and joints are left exposed to visually break up the pots' surface.  My goal is to retain and accent the inherent spontaneity and raw beauty of wet clay in the finished pieces.

Another goal is to have each piece demonstrate a clear and true connection to the hand. Each piece is a unique, one of a kind vessel designed and constructed by me. The vessels are handmade; they are not from a mold, machine, or an apprentice. 

To achieve these goals, I fire most of my work in my wood fueled anagama kiln. The ash and fire flowing through the kiln for three to four days leave wonderfully unexpected patterns accenting the pots' forms and enriching their surfaces. The kiln breaths new life into the clay. My work captures the spontaneous interaction of clay, ash and fire.

I work much like a jazz musician improvising on a theme, not knowing where the improvisation will lead. The construction and firing of my work is unpredictable and spontaneous. I strive to keep these qualities in the finished pieces.