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Marian Miller Butterfly Earrings with sculpture box
Box - carved wooden box, antique newspaper, gold leaf, riveted mica. Earrings, cut steel and rive..
Marian Miller, Ruler Necklace
Hand made sterling silver chain, tin, wood ..
Marian Miller, Labradorite Necklace
Labradorite, sterling silver, tin ..
Marian Miller, Chalcedony Necklace
laboradorite, sterling silver, tin ..
Marian Miller, Lariat Necklace
Sterling silver, blue chalcedony, green chalcedony ..
Marian Miller, Rutilated Quartz Necklace
Rutilated quartz, sterling silver ..
Marian Miller, Mother of Pearl and Garnet Ring
Mother of pearl, garnet, sterling silver ..